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Anonymous asked: Hello this is Varda Bar-Kar. I am the director of the feature documentary Big Voice, which is about a high school choir and its director. We are almost finished making the film. We are trying to build up our community. Could you send your followers to our youtube channel the bigvoicemovie channel Thank you.

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We need more singer for virtual choir tribute

Two years ago after I graduated and sang my last song with my choir director we found out that her Daughter have a cancer. She battled and prevail for two years. Their were many poeple that help my choir director through fund raisers and more. This summer we found out that she did not make it. It was a shock for many of us. My Choir director did so much at school and inspired hundreds of students musically. He intruduce us to Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir and have always encourage us to participate. Now it was time for me and many other to give back by making a Virtual Choir tribute. I will be showing slide show in the center of her picture. We need more singers!! I have created a group at Facebook called ( Virtual Choir Tribute To Maari) it will mean a lot to me and my choir director to see that many stranger care. Although my choir director will always have that empty spot in his heart because of the loss, we can support him and his family through this hard time. Thank you

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whitegirlfro asked: This isnt a question... but I just love this blog so much. I feel like ya'll are my people


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alantosai asked: Have you ever heard that piece called The Awakening? Because that might be my favorite ever.

I haven’t! Send me a link to a video :)